Emergency Maintenance

Do you have an emergency maintenance issue?  Here is some helpful information for you.

Emergency Maintenance

Examples of emergency maintenance include disruption of services to the property (gas, electricity, waste water, supply of hot water). Other repairs considered an emergency are those that may cause damage to the premises, injure a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant. Here are some examples to help you classify your maintenance issue - escape of gas or fumes, electrical fittings in contact with water, live or bare electric wiring, sewage overflowing into the home, entry doors that need to be secured, failure of all lights or all power, failure of the hot water system.

During Business Hours – Emergency maintenance should be reported to your property manager via phone call to our office: 9381 9111.

After Hours - If the maintenance is deemed an emergency please call our emergency phone number: 0417 997 090.  Should you be unable to reach a staff member within a reasonable amount of time, please contact our After-Hours Emergency Contractors listed below and send an email to your property manager to inform them of the emergency.  If you engage the services of a contractor after hours and the repair is not deemed an emergency, you will be responsible for payment of the invoice.


After Hours Emergency Contractors:


Skipp Electrics - 0414 309 512

First Choice Electrics – 0419 908 358


Palmyra Plumbing and Gas - 0405 122 744

Goods Plumbing & Gas - 0427 201 209


Action lock Services (08) 9240 7200

A1 Locksmiths (08) 9370 2943

Glass Repairs

Action Glass (08) 9249 2429

Please note: some after-hours contractors work via a paging service. You will be required to leave a detailed message and the contractor will get back to you shortly.