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Tips for Conducting a Property Inspection
Let us start by saying we’re not talking about looking for little things which are damaged, broken or missing! That’s common sense. Also, if you’re inspecting top-quality Perth properties through ...
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Benefits of Buying Property in Perth
Whether you’re looking to buy Perth real estate to live there yourself or as an investment, the Western Australian capital has a lot to offer. Below is a list of ...
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How to Revamp Your Outdoor Area on a Budget
It’s amazing how many people will put every effort into making the inside of their home perfectly suit their needs, then completely neglect the outside. For some, it’s because they’re ...
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More First Home Buyer Tips: Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent
For first home buyers, there’s no better person to ask about prospective property purchases than your real estate agent. However, the process of finally taking the plunge on a house ...
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Tips from a Real Estate Agent for Those Selling Their First Property
When planning to sell a home or apartment for the first time, the No. 1 thing you should do is find the right real-estate agent – someone who knows your ...
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Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Small House or Unit
Many of us will live in a small house or unit at some point in our lives, whether due to budget, location or other factors. Maybe it will be our ...
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A Guide to Pre-Approval
Pre-approval is a financial term that means a lender has agreed in principle to loan you up to a set amount towards the purchase of a home. It is also ...
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Renovate or Sell? What You Need to Consider When Deciding
As your real estate agent will tell you, when deciding whether to renovate or sell, the two main things to consider are your own situation and what the housing market ...
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Tips for Better Utilising Storage in Your Home
Most of us could be better utilising the storage space in our homes. Often the reason we don’t do so is that, although things are poorly organised, we still know ...
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