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Tips for Better Utilising Storage in Your Home

Most of us could be better utilising the storage space in our homes. Often the reason we don’t do so is that, although things are poorly organised, we still know where they are. Yes, it’s in a box with some other stuff on top, under a chair, which is also piled with items…but we can find it if we need it.

We may not want to spend any time changing a system that somewhat works. However, implementing storage tips like the ones featured below can save us a heap of time in the long run, while opening up rooms to more uses and just generally making our homes more pleasant places to be. So, whether you have recently moved into a new home, or you’re looking to sell and need to present your property in the best way possible, our team of Perth real estate experts has put together a helpful guide for you on storage tips and tricks below.

Lounge Room

If your loungeroom furniture is limited to a sofa and an entertainment system, you’re missing several tricks. This is one of the best rooms in the house in which to devote a whole wall to bookcases, shelving or display cabinets, providing both character and storage. Trunks and chests also make great decorative items while offering additional space. And don’t just buy a plain coffee table, think seriously about one with drawers.


While kitchens usually contain a lot of storage options, these aren’t always utilised to their full potential. Fortunately, there are numerous racks, carousels, trays, baskets, bins, and rows of hooks designed to sit, stack and hang within cupboards and drawers. IKEA is a good place to find them. Depending on your sink arrangement, there are clever organisers designed to stand over and above the sink area, utilising wasted space.


Towels everywhere? There are sturdy multi-towel racks available to hang on the back of your bathroom door. Toiletries all over the place, too? Consider installing some basket shelves next to your mirror or vanity. These are not only attractive, they’ll keep your favourite products out of the way, upright, but still within easy reach.


Free up your study for additional uses – such as doubling as a spare bedroom – by replacing your regular desk with the fold-down variety. While we’re on the subject, if space is an issue, spare beds should ideally be of the fold-out variety, too.


Everybody knows clutter can be tucked away under the bed, but to properly utilise these storage areas, we recommend storage boxes with wheels. They make it easy to access the contents and can be quickly moved out of the way when you’re cleaning.


If you have a clothes dryer, ideally you want it mounted on the wall or sitting atop your washer (if that’s front-loading). Smaller storage hacks for this room include a fold-down drying rack, collapsible laundry basket and extra shelves above the tub.


Hang, hang, hang! Garages tend to have a lot of unused vertical space where you can hang tools, bikes, garden equipment, pool accessories, and whatever else you choose to store there – without it being in the way of you or your vehicle(s).

Of course, if you’re doing all of these things and STILL having storage problems, it might be time to admit that you’ve outgrown your current home. When you’re ready to take the next step, feel free to contact Abode for expert assistance with selling and buying. We’ll be only too happy to help you find your dream buyer and your dream upgrade.

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