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Tips for Conducting a Property Inspection

Let us start by saying we’re not talking about looking for little things which are damaged, broken or missing! That’s common sense. Also, if you’re inspecting top-quality Perth properties through Abode Real Estate, it shouldn’t be a concern. No, this blog entry is about more general practical considerations to keep in mind when inspecting a house or apartment with a view to purchasing – considerations it may be easy to forget in the rush of the moment.


As you go from room to room on your property inspection, think about the day-to-day activities you’d be doing in each. If you’re someone who loves to read the newspaper at the kitchen table, for instance, would there be enough natural light? What about artificial light? In cases where the lighting isn’t sufficient, how hard would it be to add more? Is there a good spot for a downlight or a free-standing lamp? Maybe you’re a fan of fluorescent lighting and the building has none. Or you’re not a fan, but there are fluoro lights throughout. Try to take note of these things.


It shouldn’t be up to you to adapt to a dwelling – the place should fit your needs or be easily altered so as to do so. So, if a potential new home lacks your preferred type of cooling/heating (whether that be aircon, ceiling fans or whatever else), consider how difficult it might be to install the item/s in question. However good the positioning of the property is in terms of direct sun and airflow, chances are when summer or winter comes you are gonna be wishing for your old favourite cooling/heating system.


Mentally compare the cupboards and shelves in each room to what your currently have. Would they hold all of your present belongings? If not, is there additional space elsewhere? Are the shelves particularly high/low – and potentially annoying in the long term – for someone of your height? Don’t just think about the space itself during your property inspection, either. Imagine moving trickier objects, e.g. bikes or fishing rods, in and out of their storage spots on a regular basis. Is it practical? If you’re a collector of some sort, would your prize pieces be stored away from the sun?

You can also find storage advice here on our Abode Real Estate website.


Do you have elderly or differently abled family members/friends who may visit on a regular basis, or are you becoming less mobile yourself? While conducting the property inspection, think about how easy it will be for them (or you) to move around the premises in terms of staircases/steps, corridor widths, window and light-switch heights, etc. Are you planning on starting a family soon? Same deal – reappraise the suitability of the setup in terms of a bub crawling around exploring!

Room positions

Does the noisy teenager have to have the bedroom above the dining area? Is the home office too far from the front door for someone who receives regular package deliveries? If you’re planning on putting in a backyard pool, would wet people have to walk dripping through half the house to reach a hot shower? There are a hundred small questions such as these you may wish to consider on your property inspection.


Though not necessarily a deal-breaker, it’s worth contemplating how well the apartment or house might cope as your kids get older and demand extra space. Or if you unexpectedly need to take in an aging parent. Or if everyone in the household suddenly has to work/study from home for an extended period again. Is there room outside for a second vehicle? What about for gardening projects, e.g. a vegie patch or row of rose bushes, that may be in the back of your mind?

When in Doubt…

Think about all of the different apartments and houses you’ve viewed during your home hunt and ask yourself: In which one can I most easily picture myself living? Those instincts are rarely wrong.

Ready to Inspect Some of Perth’s Best Available Properties?

Then it’s time to speak to a member of our team at Abode Real Estate, Cottesloe. With years of experience in the industry (and this city), we have the knowhow to match you with the perfect property to suit your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us on or by calling (08) 9381 9111.

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