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Creating a Happy Autumn Home

Get your home ready for the autumn days and nights ahead with inspiration from the season’s warm and cosy feeling.

We’re not sure how time has gone by so quickly, but summer is on its way out, and autumn is making its way in. That means it’s time to refresh the decor, bring a few cosy items back into our homes, and head into the new season in style.

Autumn reflects a change of pace from summer’s busy lifestyle and it’s the perfect time to check up on the goals you made at the start of the year, and organise your home to help you achieve them and bring in new happy vibes. We’ve got a few tips and ideas to get you started.

Decor refresh

Autumn decor is all about cosiness, and traditionally that means colour tones from earthy and natural, to fiery and warm. Think terracotta, red, and earthy browns, paired with soft greys and greens, or navy. It’s easy to add some bursts of colour into your home without having to completely redecorate. Introduce the autumnal colours softly into your decor with throws, pillows, linen, and even plants or flowers. Don’t be afraid to mix up the textures too with knits and velvets. A new rug never goes astray either, and it will add some fresh energy into shared living areas.


Candles are the perfect way to release some warming scents into your home and keep it smelling delicious. Try cinnamon, caramel, or chai for a welcoming aromatic atmosphere.

Clutter clean out

Over the busy summer months, many of us we tend to let clutter build up in our homes because we’re busy making the most of the sunshine. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to start cleaning and clearing your home up. Designate clutter-free zones, like a bench, table, or convenient cupboard, and stick to the rule that no clutter is allowed to be dumped there. Fill a garbage bag with items you can donate; it’s a great method for decluttering and giving to those who may need some of your household items more than you. Start March with the wardrobe hanger test; ensure all your hangers are facing the same direction, and when you use and return something to your wardrobe turn the hanger the opposite way. In a few months you’ll be able to identify the clothes you wear often, and those you could consider removing from your wardrobe.

Create cosiness

It may not be cold yet, but as the autumn months progress, sheets will no longer be enough to keep you comfortable at night; you’ll need to start bringing the blankets and quilts out again. If they’ve been packed away they will probably need some airing before they’re used.

Outdoor entertaining

Make your outdoor area an inviting place for friends to join you on autumn evenings. Fire pits are a great addition to outdoor entertaining areas. They look incredible, and will keep you warm outside as the temperatures start to lower so you don’t have to move the entertaining inside.  

It’s only the beginning, so you have plenty of time to move these ideas slowly through your home. Autumn is such a beautiful season and time of the year so make the most of it with your family and friends.

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