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Features to Emphasise When Selling Your Home

When you’re selling your home, there’s no better person to help you show off all of its best features to prospective buyers than an experienced real-estate agent from an established firm like Abode. But as happy as we are to connect you with the perfect buyer for your Perth property, we understand that many people like to be directly involved in the property listing and property inspection processes. For that reason, it’s good to understand the six features you should always emphasise, whether in print or in practice.

The Location

Don’t assume that simply naming the suburb says everything, because a potential buyer may have zero knowledge of the area. They may be from across the country or overseas. Take the time to mention schools, universities, major shopping centres, major cultural/sporting facilities, the various public-transport options… Even for those who are familiar with the suburb, it doesn’t hurt to remind them just how great the location is!

The View

When it comes to the property listing, don’t merely say “water views”, actually paint a picture, e.g. “views of the river and private marina”. And whatever you do, make sure said views are on full display during the property inspection, with curtains, etc. open and any relevant plants trimmed (only if they’re in your yard, obviously!). If the lights at night are particularly spectacular, there’s nothing stopping you supplying a photo of that, too.

The Size

At the risk of contradicting some of what we’ve just stated, in the case of a genuinely sizeable property, evocative description can’t beat giving a big figure in square metres right up front. When selling your home, remember that buyers generally love large bedrooms more than any other room, so you may wanna single those out for attention.

The Storage

Another area where it’s worth going into detail is storage space. Talk about the walk-in wardrobes, the generous pantry, the secure storage cage in the underground garage, and whatever else applies. Don’t assume house hunters will notice it all in the pics accompanying the property listing or when they’re doing a property inspection, as they are being bombarded with information.

The Energy Efficiency

Solar power, energy-efficient lighting and heating/cooling systems with high “star ratings” are increasingly attractive to property buyers. When selling your home, don’t underrepresent these things as many people are now also looking to make an environmentally responsible choice when they purchase a new home.

The New or Unique

It’s easy to take for granted the strengths of our own residences… What’s last year’s kitchen reno to you is essentially a new kitchen to a prospective buyer. The window seat where you have a cuppa and read every afternoon could be a uniquely desirable feature for an outsider. A humble vegetable garden might be a huge deal to a person who has only lived in apartments. While working on the property listing or preparing for the property inspection, try to put yourself in the shoes of others who may be used to a very different style of building.

When You’re Looking to Sell or Buy in Perth…

Then it’s time to speak to a member of our friendly team at Abode Real Estate, Cottesloe. With countless years of combined experience in the industry (and this city), our knowledge of the Perth property market is second to none. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us be emailing or calling (08) 9381 9111.

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