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Front Yard Landscaping: Some Dos & Don’ts

While the back yard of our home tends to be more for work and play, the front yard is the image we choose to present to the outside world. There are those who like to keep their house front very simple, while others will go for an explosion of plants and ornaments. Most front gardens, of course, lie somewhere in between. Wherever your preference falls on this spectrum, we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts worth keeping in mind as regards front yard landscaping.

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Allow Room to Move

Don’t overcrowd driveways or paths in your enthusiasm for lush bushes and overflowing flowerbeds. Think about a person not just walking to the front door but also carrying sizable items in and out of the house. As nice as it is, you don’t want to be constantly pushing past the plantlife as you conduct your daily activities!

Consider a Central Feature

Where back yards often have, say, a paved entertaining area at their centre, we tend to forget about central features when it comes to front yards. Decorative bird births can fill this role well, giving you something to organise the rest of the garden around. Articles of front garden tips also like to suggest statues, small water features and even sun dials as possibilities.

Keep the Personal Private

When space is at a premium, it may be tempting to place, say, a swing set in the front of your home rather than the back. But even if you feel safe with having your children playing in this area, such a decision might put your property out of step with the rest of the street. It’s worth considering the front yard landscaping of your neighbours when making decisions about your own.

Improve Lighting & Signage

Two front garden tips that are always worth following are to improve the available lighting to assist when leaving/arriving in darkness, and to ensure your house numbering, etc. is as clear as possible. Lawn-based lights, e.g. by the side of a path, can give a magical feel. Your postie won’t complain about that fancy new letterbox with the big number, either.

Hide those Unsightly Bins!

In certain cases, usually involving limited back-yard access, we have no option but to leave our bins in the front yard on a permanent basis. However, that doesn’t mean they need to be visible at all times. Hedges, wooden/thatch screens and strategically placed plants can all be used to hide these necessary items and stop them spoiling the view.

Encourage Native Wildlife

Naturescaping is a form of landscaping where native plants are used to attract native birds, butterflies, bees, etc. Not only does the practitioner benefit from seeing and hearing these lovely creatures around their home, plants that are local to the area tend to grow better and require less attention, making it easier to care for your front garden.

Keep it Maintainable

Whatever house front ideas you go for, remember that you are going to need to maintain the front garden going forward. Have you made it too hard to mow? Or to water? Will there be fruits, petals, etc. dropping all over the walkways? What are your plans for when potted plants get too big for their current containers?

Outgrown Your Old Front Yard?

When it’s time to buy (or sell) in Perth, the finest properties – with some of the loveliest front gardens – can always be found through Abode Real Estate, Cottesloe. With countless years of combined experience in the industry, our team’s knowledge of the market is second to none. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us be emailing or calling (08) 9381 9111.

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