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1. Stacked Crates

Stacked Crates

For a raw, vintage feel, use stack some crates to showcase your favourite keepsakes. A woven basket can add depth to your display, as well as being a practical place to store throws and cushions.

2. Display Drawer

Display Drawer

Have lots of odds and ends lying about? Create a home for them in an old drawer that you can keep put on display or neatly store under a bed or sideboard.

3. Rustic Branch

Rustic Branch

Don’t have room for a wardrobe?  Attach string at either end of a branch and suspend it from the ceiling to create a hanging space.  Use wooden hangers to complete the natural rustic feel.

4. Use What You’ve Already Got

Use What You've Already Got

Use items that are a part of your everyday routine easily accessible by using practical pieces of furniture as a display.  A chair can double as a place to keep folded towels and a bath caddy to store bathroom essentials.

5. Pots, Jars and Baskets

Pots, Jars and Baskets

For handy kitchen storage solutions, vintage pots, jars and wire baskets are your go-to to display your utensils. They also add charm and character to the beating-heart of the home.






Photography by Lisa Cohen

Styling by Tessa Kavanagh

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