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6 tips to spruce up your property and maximise the sale price:


 1. Think of your property as a product

Interior designer, Trish Khoury of Grace Interior Designs, says many homeowners make the mistake of failing to think of their property as a product.
“They’re still thinking of it as their home and not looking at it from a buyer’s perspective,” she says. “It’s all about removing your tastes and little personal touches from the equation.”


2. Make the most of your space
There are plenty of things you can do yourself to make your listing stand out to potential buyers.
Take advantage of natural sunlight, neutralise your colour scheme as much as possible, remove photos and personal knick-knacks, fix obvious repairs and give the property a thorough clean.


3. How your property looks from the street is more important than you think
Greville Pabst, a judge on The Block and the CEO of WBP Property Group, says the first thing sellers need to be aware of is how the property looks from the street.
“Spend a little bit of money on the garden, do some landscaping, make sure it’s tidy,” says Mr Pabst. ”You’ve got to make it look attractive from the outside so people will want to stop and go inside.”


4. Consider a professional stylist
Mr Pabst says it’s becoming more common for sellers to employ professional stylists, who in many cases could add five or 10 per cent to the eventual sale price.
“It may cost a couple of grand to bring in furniture to style the house… but in most cases it’s well worth the investment. Although it does depend on the type of house and where you are.”


 5. The littlest touches can often make the biggest difference
It’s all about setting the mood and getting a strong reaction from your potential buyers.
Mr Pabst says the entire home should feel fresh and airy, but also warm and inviting. “A touch of classical music at an open for inspection, or some scented candles never hurt,” he says.
Sellers should also pay special attention to the home’s key rooms – the kitchen and bathroom.


6. Appeal to a broad target audience
Remember – it’s all about removing your tastes! Decluttering is a must, along with a well-managed floor plan that has clearly defined spaces.
“A well-presented house can create more competition (and a higher price) or stop a challenging property from lingering on the market.” says Belinda Grundy, of BG Property Styling.



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