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How to Revamp Your Outdoor Area on a Budget

It’s amazing how many people will put every effort into making the inside of their home perfectly suit their needs, then completely neglect the outside. For some, it’s because they’re worried about the cost, but that’s no reason to let this valuable space go to waste. While landscaped gardens and extra construction can be pricey, there are still plenty of ways to revamp your outdoor area on a budget. Here are 10.

Improve Your Lawn

Don’t just mow, trim the edges and pull out the weeds. Use fertiliser, sprinklers (where allowed by current water restrictions) and even rolled turf if you have bare sections to take your lawn to the next level. Make it a lawn that earns praise from the neighbours.

Brighten up Existing Sheds, Fences, etc.

A coat of paint can turn a wooden fence from a mere divider into a legitimate feature. Are you getting the most from your garden shed or freestanding garage? Both can be utilised in outdoor entertaining as convenient places for stereos, drinks fridges and the like.


Flowers are a cheap and oh-so-cheerful way of filling empty garden beds with colour and sweet smells. They attract bees and birds, and just make for an enjoyable environment in which to spend time. Ask your nursery which varieties thrive in the local conditions.

Potted Plants

A small number of potted plants can make a big difference to the look of your outdoor area. For example, a pair of matched bushes in decorative pots either side of an entry can have a real impact, giving a designer vibe while also adding structure to the space.

Set Up the Barbie

If your present BBQ has seen better days or you don’t own one, consider investing in this classic Aussie accessory, guaranteed to please visitors to your backyard or balcony. It’s an especially worthwhile purchase if you have a nice covered spot where you can set up the barbie permanently.

Reorganise the Seating

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable outdoor chair – except maybe not having enough outdoor chairs for members of the household and their guests. The right setting can give any flat piece of ground an instant lift. Depending on your available room, benches are also classy and surprisingly affordable additions. Top tip: Protect your metal outdoor furniture with a product like WD-40 Rust Prevention.

Pop the Umbrella

Following on from the previous point, make sure your seating area is just as pleasant a place to be in bright sun or light rain as it is in mild weather by including a heavy-duty outdoor umbrella.

Blaze a Bargain Trail

While your budget might not stretch to a fancy paved path, a gravel path is a less expensive alternative that still looks great. Plus, it’s something that anyone with a bit of spare time can DIY. You’ll find larger hardware stores have a wide selection of pebbles and stones in different sizes and colours.

Install a Water Feature

It doesn’t have to be a fountain or mini waterfall, although those are always attractive. Even an ornamental birdbath which you occasional fill with the hose (when there’s been no rain for a while), gives an extra dimension to a garden. The neighbourhood birds will thank you when they drop in for a drink or a splash.

Put in a Patio

Often, we picture patios as fancy raised wooden areas. They certainly don’t have to be. A patio can be a simple concrete surface, a rectangle of pavers or square of gravel. However, you choose to construct it, having a designated sitting/eating section brings structure to your yard and just feels welcoming.

Looking for a Property with a Better Outdoor Area?

Whether you’re selling or buying, it will be our pleasure at Abode Real Estate, Cottesloe to help you find a property with the ideal outdoor area to match your family/lifestyle. We have many years of experience at doing exactly this and pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible advice in all areas. Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by calling (08) 9381 9111.

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