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How to Stage a Stunning Home Open

What’s not to love about opening your home for endless strangers to inspect? Preparing for your home open can be a time consuming process, but do it the right way the first time and it just might be your last!

Here are 12 ways to prepare your house for a stellar home open.

Smells that sell

Your sense of smell is strongly connected to memory and emotion – so make sure your home invokes a sense of wellbeing and calm.

Contrary to popular belief, putting a batch of cookies in your oven may not entice buyers at all. Research has shown that the smell of those freshly baked goods were one of the worst performers for home sales, among other distracting scents like potpourri and gourmet foods.

Clean, inviting scents that have been proven to trigger positive responses include vanilla, lemon and orange.

Clear the clutter

All. Clutter. Must. Go.

Your potential buyers don’t want to see rows of family photos or drawings covering your fridge. Give buyers the chance visualise their own life in your place by clearing cupboards, benches, drawers and floors. Less clutter also creates the illusion of more space, so send some boxes off to a friend’s home temporarily.

People buy new homes for a fresh start. Show them what an immaculate, organised and spacious life they could have!

Make it sparkle

This is the most obvious and important step. If you don’t have the time to make your property shine from top to bottom, it might be worth getting the professionals in. Don’t forget about those elements you would usually overlook during your routine clean, like grubby walls and windows.

Pet peeves

It’s uncomfortable, but true – sometimes pet owners become desensitised to the odours of their fur children. If you’re a pet parent, it might be worth getting your carpets, rugs and couches steamed.

Boost curb credibility

First impressions are crucial, so when potential buyers do a drive-by to judge your book by its cover, make sure it’s a good one. That means fertilise your grass, tend to your plants, clean your windows, re-stain your deck and even power hose the footpath if necessary.

Add inviting touches

Invest in those small elements that make your house feel like a home – a welcome matt, flowers and a bowl full of fresh fruit are simple ways to add warmth to your home.

Don’t forget the closets

Don’t declutter your home by stuffing your closets. You may not like the idea of strangers poking through your drawers, but you better believe they will try! Available storage space can determine a sale or a pass, so create the impression of abundant room by relocating some items for the weekend.

Play it safe with neutrals

You can never be sure that your visitors will have similar tastes to you, so choose a palette that will be agreeable to most. Hide those mismatched floral bed covers – you want to stick to bright whites and neutrals like sand, taupe, pastels and greys.

Ensure your bedrooms are as gender neutral as possible, particularly the master bedroom – you never know who’s opinion will have more sway in the family!

Don’t disregard your junk room

Spark your potential buyers imagination! Instead of implanting the idea that your spare room is a mere junk room, consider borrowing a desk or bed to make it look useful.

Consider the climate

The temperature in your home could be the difference between visitors marching through on a mission, or taking their leisurely time to get attached and absorb all your home has to offer.

A cosy fire in winter is an easy way to make your potential buyers feel instantly cosy in your home. Similarly, make sure your rooms feel cool and pleasant in summer.

Design a lifestyle

Do you have a beautiful garden or a quiet street? Place some chairs and a clothed table outside to encourage your visitors to visualise enjoying their morning coffee there.

Get picky

Cast a discerning eye over your home. What accents the room, and what weighs it down? A fresh, luscious floor rug might serve to tie your room together beautifully – but if it’s looking a little tired, have the judgment to decide the space would be better off without it.

Staging a home open may be a little more involved than you anticipated, but welcoming your potential buyers into a home that is pristine and cared for will be reflected in your offers. The initial investment in time and money can be returned tenfold.


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