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A beautifully manicured front yard landscaping
Front Yard Landscaping: Some Dos & Don’ts
While the back yard of our home tends to be more for work and play, the front yard is the image we choose to present to the outside world. There are those who like to keep their house front very simple, while others will go for an explosion of plants and ornaments. Most front gardens,…
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House for sale in suburb
Features to Emphasise When Selling Your Home
When you’re selling your home, there’s no better person to help you show off all of its best features to prospective buyers than an experienced real-estate agent from an established firm like Abode. But as happy as we are to connect you with the perfect buyer for your Perth property, we understand that many people…
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Tips for Conducting a Property Inspection
Let us start by saying we’re not talking about looking for little things which are damaged, broken or missing! That’s common sense. Also, if you’re inspecting top-quality Perth properties through Abode Real Estate, it shouldn’t be a concern. No, this blog entry is about more general practical considerations to keep in mind when inspecting a…
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Benefits of Buying Property in Perth
Whether you’re looking to buy Perth real estate to live there yourself or as an investment, the Western Australian capital has a lot to offer. Below is a list of reasons why a growing number of Aussies wouldn’t live anywhere else. Put all the pluses together and you can be sure that Perth homes and…
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How to Revamp Your Outdoor Area on a Budget
It’s amazing how many people will put every effort into making the inside of their home perfectly suit their needs, then completely neglect the outside. For some, it’s because they’re worried about the cost, but that’s no reason to let this valuable space go to waste. While landscaped gardens and extra construction can be pricey,…
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More First Home Buyer Tips: Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent
For first home buyers, there’s no better person to ask about prospective property purchases than your real estate agent. However, the process of finally taking the plunge on a house or apartment can feel a bit overwhelming, and you might not know what to ask about first. So, here’s a handy list of 10 queries…
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