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Property Management Explained

The title says it all! For folks who’ve never really delved into this topic, especially those planning to invest in real estate who may have need of professional property management in the future, we present a rundown of the basics.

What is a Property Manager?

Put simply, a property manager is someone who looks after a piece of real estate – usually what is known as an investment property – on behalf of the owner(s). One of the services offered by Abode Real Estate is expert property management in the Perth rental market.

What are Their Responsibilities?

A property manager has numerous responsibilities, which is the reason so many owners chose to employ them rather than directly oversee the real estate in question themselves. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Finding good tenants. It helps when you know the local market – in this case, the Perth rental market – very well.
  • Organising leases, and taking care of all necessary paperwork to meet industry standards and government requirements.
  • Setting and collecting the rent on the investment property.
  • Organising property maintenance as needed.
  • Conducting regular property inspections. (This and the previous point can be viewed as the literal part of “property management”.)
  • Paying bills and taking care of any further admin related to the piece of real estate.
  • Liaising with the owners.

Do They Require a Licence or Registration?

The short answer is yes. For details of the relevant laws in Western Australia, you should consult this page.

A person cannot just decide to become a property manager. They will likely have done an advanced TAFE certificate/bachelor degree in real estate and/or spent years in the field, learning their craft through a reputable agency.

The upside for the customer is that a property manager from a firm such as Abode Real Estate will be extremely competent and able to cope with whatever situations may arise in respect to the property.

What are the Advantages of Using a Property Manager?

By entrusting your investment property to a pro, you will have:

  • Less chance of getting a bad tenant – and certainly not have to deal with anyone difficult directly.
  • Saved yourself a huge amount of time in admin, communication and various sorts of organisation, e.g. sourcing tradespeople.
  • Saved yourself a huge amount of stress in worrying if the property is being looked after properly.
  • Guaranteed that all government regulations are followed.
  • Ensured you will receive rent on time.
  • Ensured the relevant insurance is in place.

For Further Information on Property Management…

Check out our handy book on the subject, designed with investors in the Perth rental market in mind.

For Even More Info on Property Management… Have a chat to the friendly team at Abode Real Estate, Cottesloe. With many years of combined experience in the industry, our knowledge of the Perth rental market is second to none, and we get results. We’re always happy to discuss how best to manage an investment property. To book a consultation with one of our experts, you can email , call (08) 9381 9111 or use our online enquiry form

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