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Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Small House or Unit

Many of us will live in a small house or unit at some point in our lives, whether due to budget, location or other factors. Maybe it will be our first home and as much as we can afford at the time. Perhaps it will be due to where we are working and represent the most convenient accommodation available. Or possibly we will live in a small house or unit for some other reason, e.g. having inherited the property or doing long-term house-sitting.

Whyever you find yourself in a small home, there are two main strategies for making the most of the limited space. The first is to employ interior-design tricks and clever storage strategies that will help to create the illusion of a bigger house or unit. The second strategy is to actively embrace the advantages of a small property (yes, they do exist!). Below, we’ll share tips related to both.

Little is the New Large

Interior designers have a few basic techniques for giving the impression that a space is bigger than its physical dimensions. One of the ways they do this is with an all-white colour scheme. Ever heard the expression, “Black is slimming, white is fattening”? The same goes for painting rooms as it does for picking clothing. Strategically positioned mirrors also give a feeling of added depth. And, lastly, a designer will likely tell you to place every bit of furniture in your small home in corners/against walls, leaving as much of the centre of the rooms free as possible.

Horde Less, Store Better

Without getting too Marie Kondo, living in a small house or unit should be an opportunity to dispose of any possessions you don’t really need. Once you’ve done that, make the most of the property by maximising the display/storage space. Wall-mount the TV and dryer. Consider fold-up beds and desks. Hanging racks on the back of doors are always an effective option. As are stackable storage bins. Put up shelves wherever you are able. When in the market for a new piece of furniture, e.g. a coffee table, shop for models with drawers underneath or tops that lift to reveal a hidden storage area.

Embrace the Space!

Small properties are easier and cheaper to light. Ditto to cool or heat. And they require significantly fewer square feet worth of carpet, rugs, curtains, etc. Take advantage of this situation by treating yourself to one or two luxury items. While a large home may require multiple air conditioners, heaters or fans, if a single, centrally placed aircon unit is enough to service your modest house or unit, make it the best model on the market and ensure you have maximum comfort all year round. Similarly, investigate statement light fittings, floorings or window coverings that you wouldn’t even contemplate for a second if you had to install them right throughout a multi-roomed dwelling. A couple of these luxe touches can greatly increase your enjoyment of living in a small home.

Staying small? Going bigger?

Whether you’re actively seeking a small property – now that we’ve listed some good ways to make the most of it – or looking to sell one to upgrade to a larger home, the professional team at Abode Real Estate in Cottesloe can help you every step of the way. Contact us on or by calling (08) 9381 9111. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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