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Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Property

There are lot of things to consider when undertaking property sale preparation. The most important, of course, is to find a well-established, well-respected and genuinely friendly real-estate agency to guide you through the process. If you’re selling a house or apartment in the Western Suburbs of Perth, Abode Real Estate would love to fulfill that role. In the meantime, here are a few tips to hopefully assist with your home selling preparation. For any other questions about selling your property, definitely talk to your real-estate agent.

Address the Problem Areas

This is the obvious Item No. 2 on the to-do list after securing the right real-estate agent, and the major component of property sale preparation. You’ll likely already know the areas of the home/yard most needing attention as they’ve probably been quietly bugging you for some time! Extra touches that can be forgotten are power-washing a stained driveway, replacing power points with cracks or wobbly switches, replacing damaged/daggy handles on built-in doors and drawers, installing the best quality lightbulbs everywhere for maximum light, and even adding a nice new doormat or two.

Declutter, Clean and Decorate (Optional)

Excessive clutter and any kind of dirt or mould or staining give a terrible impression to prospective buyers. Fortunately, home selling preparation is the perfect excuse for streamlining and better organising your family’s possessions. The decorating part of the heading above is optional and somewhat dependant on the house/apartment in question. A stylish inner-city unit deserves the “interior-design treatment” to demonstrate its full potential. Conversely, you may feel its OK for a suburban family home to look like exactly that. Which is not to say any property won’t benefit from a little styling. When preparing to sell property, ask your agent what they recommend.

Have Professional Photos Done

Unless you’re a very confident amateur snapper, it’s best to have your house or apartment shot by a professional so that it looks its absolute best. Your real-estate agent may handle this for you or they may recommend a good photographer to use. One thing which sellers sometimes forget is to remove any personal valuables from display. Not only are they not relevant to the property sale, it isn’t worth the risk – however small – that you might give be giving ideas to an unscrupulous individual.

Ask a Friend to Take a “Fresh Look”

When you think you’ve got the place looking as presentable as it possibly can, ask a friend or family member to cast a critical eye over it. It’s amazing what an outsider will pick up! Being so familiar with our homes, we are often blind to aspects that could be viewed as problems – or to opportunities for real improvement and value-adding. If a discerning pal can’t find fault with your home selling preparation, chances are a stranger won’t, either.

Preparing to Sell Property in Perth?

Come and speak with us at Abode Real Estate in Cottesloe. Our team’s knowledge of the local real estate market – not to mention property sale preparation – is second to none, and our track record shows that we get results. To book a consultation with one of our experts, please email , call (08) 9381 9111 or use our online enquiry form.

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