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When is the Best Time of the Year to Sell?

When determining the best time to sell your home, there are a huge number of factors to take into account. The purpose of this blog entry is to list three of the most important things to consider before putting your property on the market. Of course, nothing beats talking to your friendly local real estate agent about how similar houses/apartments are currently selling in your area (and how they see things changing in the near future), but it’s always wise for prospective sellers to bear in mind the following…

The Season!

Is the garden a major selling point of your property? Then you will want it to be looking its best in springtime, rather than appearing messy or bare in autumn/winter when potential buyers make their inspection. Photos are fine, but they don’t compare to witnessing first-hand a garden in full bloom.

If, however, your house/apartment is located in a coastal suburb, then the right time to sell your home is more likely going to be in summer, when the surrounding beaches are at their most appealing and those inspecting the property can catch the vibe of the coastal lifestyle.

Finally, have a think about the likely temperature range and chance of rain at your preferred time. There’s a useful summary for Perth here.

Major Events!

It’s often reported that houses and apartments sell well towards the end of the year as people rush to get (re)settled before the holidays. However, once the Christmas/New Year period hits, a lot of folks are too busy with commitments for home-hunting, meaning that December and January can be slower sales months. There’s often a silver lining to these situations, though – e.g. a lack of people listing their home early in the year might make yours stand out. Ask your local realtor about the state of play.

Continuing with the theme of events, the ideal time to sell your home is NOT going be when the area is hosting a sporting carnival or undergoing extensive council construction or during any other activities that seriously affect traffic, bring added noise and mess, etc.

Tourism sites are a good place to check on upcoming events.

Your situation!

This third point may sound obvious, but when we say “your situation”, we’re not just talking about how you (and your partner) are feeling. We’re also talking about how selling at this time will affect your income tax. The cost of moving/temporary accommodation/a new dwelling, whether these are likely to improve if you wait and whether you can even afford to wait. Commitments re: your children’s schooling. Medical procedures and recovery periods. Trips and family visits. The possibility of improving the property beforehand if your agent believes this will be worth the time and money investment.

In determining the right time to sell your home, you should try to consider every aspect of your situation – and that of the rest of the family. Financial, work, school, social, health… The ideal time to sell your home should suit all of these, while taking into account major events that could deter or cause difficulties to buyers, and also the optimum season for presenting your property at its most attractive.

When the time is definitely right to sell, this previous article gives some tips on preparation.

Whether You’re Looking to Sell or to Buy…

Have a chat to the friendly team at Abode Real Estate, Cottesloe. With many years of combined experience in the industry, our knowledge of the Perth property market is second to none, and we’re always happy to discuss the best time to sell your home (and why). To book a consultation, you can email us at , call (08) 9381 9111 or use our online enquiry form.

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