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Winter is officially here! Time to bring some warmth back into your home. Try using these tips and tricks to cozy up your bedroom for the cold winter months ahead.
1. Firstly, your bed. Layering your bed with cushions and blankets is a simple, practical way to add warmth (think throw rugs). It also adds a homely feel, particularly on a cold, rainy day. For something a little different, try using geometrical pillows or other patterned accents against a solid-colour bedspread. This aids in softening the overall look of the room and bring all bedroom decor together. Black, charcoal and grey can also work well in neutral schemes.


2. Lighting is always an important element of warm winter decorating. Try adding a statement lamp to your bedside table. This will provide your room with a warm glow on a dreary day.


3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Using different textures like wool, linen, wood or other natural materials can add dimension and a wintery feel to bedroom decorating. For example, a chunky knit wool pendant lamp.


4. When it comes to your bedroom, textile designer Khristian A. Howell said on, “Put your feet first. A dramatic and easy way to change your bedroom decor is bringing in a great rug.” Adding a chic area rug to your bedroom can pull the whole room together, and protect your feet from cold floors.
5. Keep a folded stack of blankets on a stool or bedroom chair. Layers of soft and lavish blankets instantly take a room into winter. According to Joel Bray from House & Home, “A monochromatic palette looks timeless and lets textures take the spotlight.” If you want to take it to the next level, place a decorative ladder against the wall to keep your throws and blankets nearby.


Bring it on winter, we’re ready!

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