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Renovate or Sell? What You Need to Consider When Deciding

As your real estate agent will tell you, when deciding whether to renovate or sell, the two main things to consider are your own situation and what the housing market is doing at that time. But it’s not as simple as “I’m ready to sell and demand for properties in my area is high” or…
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Tips for Better Utilising Storage in Your Home

Most of us could be better utilising the storage space in our homes. Often the reason we don’t do so is that, although things are poorly organised, we still know where they are. Yes, it’s in a box with some other stuff on top, under a chair, which is also piled with items…but we can…
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Practical ways to refresh your home

Looking for ways to get to your home can get stressful and challenging. Below, our team has compiled some easy home styling tips that you can use to your home. Rearranging furniture One of the most practical ways to refresh the styling of your home is moving the furniture around. You may have gotten used…
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Practical tips in preparing the outdoor area for winter

While many homeowners may find the task of preparing the outdoor area for winter time-consuming and costly, this does not always have to be the case. For property owners in Perth looking for ways to utilise the outdoor area this winter, our team from Abode Real Estate in Cottesloe is here to help. Winter has…
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Outdoor area

New ways to decorate the outdoor area

For many Australian homeowners, the outdoor area is the perfect spot to hold get-togethers with family and friends. Because of this, many of us are always looking for new ways to decorate our outdoor space and provide visitors with a more relaxed and comfortable experience. While many property owners may think that refreshing the outdoor…
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Buying a house

Buying a house: useful tips in preparing to buy a property

For any first time home buyer, buying a house is not an easy decision to make and there are many factors to consider to ensure you’re happy with your final choice. Preparing to purchase a property can also be draining and stressful for many buyers. Luckily, with Abode Real Estate, this does not have to…
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