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When to Upsize Your Home and When to Downsize

As we go through life, our requirements as far as living space can and probably will change a lot. Of course, purchasing a house or apartment is a significant undertaking, so it’s often easy just to stay put, even when we keep on feeling that our existing property is too small/large for our needs.

When you’re in this situation, it sometimes helps to have things spelled out in black and white. So, this blog entry contains common-sense advice on upsizing your home and downsizing your home. We’ve also included a rough mathematical measure for determining your ideal home size.

Upsizing Your Home

When is it time to say goodbye to your present abode and shift to what is sometimes called a “move-up home”?

Only you can decide, but read through the following list of questions and see how you answer. Once you’re done, it’ll likely be pretty clear whether you need a bigger place. If so, start thinking seriously about upsizing your home, and check in with your local real-estate agency to find out what’s available.

  • Are there enough bedrooms for everybody? What about bathrooms and toilets? Play room? Car spots?
  • Is there sufficient space for your work-from-home business without encroaching on anyone else’s territory?
  • Can the property cope with your future plans, e.g. swimming pool, pets, extension, vegetable garden?
  • Are the various storage areas overflowing, but you’ve already gotten rid of as many unnecessary possessions as you are able?
  • Are you constantly feeling cramped and uncomfortable? Are family members regularly complaining about the conditions?

Oh, and when it comes to selling the old residence, maybe have a quick read of our previous article about features to emphasise.

Downsizing Your Home

On the other hand, when is it time to go smaller and leave your house/apartment for a more modest one?

Once again, read through the checklist below and note your responses to the questions. You should know by the end whether you are ready to begin the process of downsizing your home. If you’re still unsure, a chat with your friendly local realtor can put things in perspective with regard to the local market.

  • Do you have a lot of space that is no longer being used, e.g. empty bedrooms?
  • Is it becoming difficult to move around the dwelling, e.g. too many stairs?
  • Are you struggling with the home’s running costs?
  • Are you struggling to keep it clean? Or to maintain the yard? Or would you simply rather spend that time elsewhere, e.g. on hobbies, sport or travel?
  • Would the financial profit from downsizing allow you (or other family) a higher quality of life going forwards?

Reducing the size of your home is usually linked with one’s later years. For that reason, here’s a very worthwhile Australian government site about downsizing in retirement.

Calculating Your Ideal Home Size

For those who like to place their faith in figures, it’s commonly said that a home should include 400-600 square feet per person. Now, obviously this will vary depending on the person, with an adult requiring far more than a toddler. Also, when there are several people in the one building, some will bump that figure up above 600.

For Beautiful Homes of Every Size…

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